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Contestable Death Claim

In general, in the United States, a life insurance claim can be contested within the first two years of being in force. Generally, this means that if something on the application is incorrect and this inaccuracy would have prevented the issuance of the policy, then the policy can be voided. This is true even if the inaccuracy is unrelated to the actual cause of death. For example, someone could misrepresent their cancer status but die in an unrelated car accident, and still not qualify for death payments. It also does not matter whether the inaccuracy was intentional or accidental. What matters is whether the inaccuracy would have prevented the policy from being issued.

It may seem unfair that a policy can be denied for inaccuracy. However, consider a society that did not have such rules. Some people would take advantage of the system by misleading insurance companies to the point that insurance companies would have to keep raising premiums to cover their unexpected losses. Eventually life insurance would no longer be affordabe to the general population. There has to be a "line in the sand" drawn somewhere to enable a life insurance system to exist.

In the United States, each state has its own rules about contestability. Here are some example statutes that discuss two years: New York , Texas, and Illinois; while the Missouri statute discusses one year.

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A typical investigation may begin by contacting and interviewing the beneficiary and/or the next of kin. A detailed statement will be taken with regard to the insured’s health history for the time frame outlined on the application.

The next steps may include contacting and interviewing relevant medical sources; obtaining past medical records and reviewing the; canvassing nearby pharmacies and hospitals. Depending on the circumstances, more sources of information will be probed.

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