Hospital & Pharmacy Canvassing

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Hospital & Pharmacy Canvassing

Sometimes insurance companies have reason to suspect that prior medical history was incorrectly represented on an application for insurance.

An example scenario goes like this: An individual finds out he has cancer. Knowing death may be imminent, he applies for life insurance. The life insurance application explicitly asks if he has ever been diagnosed with cancer. He answers "No, I have not been diagnosed with cancer." The life insurance policy is issued. Only a few weeks later, the person dies of cancer. A life insurance death claim is made by his family against the insurance company.

A natural question for the insurance company is, "should this person have been classified as already having cancer?" A lay person may say "what right does the insurance company have to care?" The answer is, if everyone who had cancer had the right to apply for life insurance right before they died, then the payouts for life insurance would be so expensive that life insurance would no longer be affordable to people who want to buy it in when they do not have cancer. In other words, all life insurance policies would shift from being an affordable product people purchase for the off chance they die to being an expensive product purchased right before death, when death is virtually certain.

In the above example, an insurance company could rightfully wonder, "Were we played? Did this person pay a small premium, knowing death was imminent, in an effort for his family to obtain a large sum a few weeks later?"

Canvassing of medical facilities, i.e.… hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers involves calling (also known as "canvassing") these clinics to see if they treated the customer prior to the purchase of insurance.

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Worldwide Resources has internal, full-time, U.S. based staff committed to performing ethical and efficient medical canvassing.

We have built our own proprietary database which tracks our interactions with all pharmacies and hospitals in the United States. When you request a canvass, our software immediately knows which providers to call.

Our process is thorough, quick, and cost effective.

Because of our experience we can perform a medical canvass for your insurance company at a cheaper and more effective rate than you will be able to do internally.

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