Physician, Coroner & Police Witness Interviews

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When the records are simply not enough, a detailed interview may be required. We have the experience to sit down face to face with physicians, coroners, police and witnesses to extract information that may not be contained in the records provided. Signed or recorded statements can be taken to preserve the evidence and prepare your legal departments for depositions if necessary.

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When you simply cannot rely solely on the records, it is always wise to secure an interview. Worldwide Resources, Inc. has the experience and expertise to conduct interviews to obtain information that may not have been provided in records.

International Experience

Our investigative team has traveled the world investigating a broad variety of cases. Worldwide Resource, Inc. has a far-reaching network of investigators to assist you with your case.

Professional Investigators

Our extensive network of national and international professional investigators enables us to provide exceptional service around the globe.

Substantial Contacts

Our years of experience have allowed us to amass a substantial list of contacts and resources. Whether your investigation is in the U.S. or a remote part of the world, we can get results.

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