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Fraud is a crime perpetrated through deceit and dishonesty, and is intended to create financial and individual gain. Unfortunately, it is very easy for criminals to create fraudulent documents. It only takes a few minutes on a PC to create fake documents, requiring very little skill or knowledge — only determination. In many foreign countries, fake documents can easily be officially recorded.

Because the criminal mind has no limitations, fraud can affect your work in a multitude of ways. Birth certificates, death certificates, driver’s licenses, green cards, and even checks can be fabricated quickly and simply. While these fake documents wreak havoc on your company’s finances, the criminals who scammed you lose nothing. Thinking it will save them money, many companies will not spend the cost to investigate small claims — and the criminals count on that. Don’t let it happen to you. Worldwide Resources, Inc. will customize training or workshops to fit your company’s specific needs.

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Workshops & Seminars

Worldwide Resources, Inc. Fraud Awareness Training Workshops and Seminars are conducted by highly experienced professionals in fraud awareness. Our team has traveled the world training companies on how to identify and reduce the risk of fraud.

Whether you are training new examiners or existing employees on how to identify “Red Flags”, or working with seasoned veterans on “Foreign Fraud,” Worldwide Resources, Inc. is who you want training your company.

We will custom tailor workshops and seminars to meet your specific needs.
Training Areas to Consider:

  • Red Flag Awareness
  • Foreign Death Investigations
  • Organized Nomadic Claims
  • Contestable Death Claims
  • Accidental Death Claims

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