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“Your dedication and determination is certainly what made the difference. I had tried on my own to find my mom but could never get far at all. Her very common name was a big challenge but you never gave up. Thanks for such a fantastic job."

Jason C.

“I was amazed at how fast you were able to find my mom. We are now talking at least once a week and are planning on meeting each other in person very soon. You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for helping me find her.”

Rebecca S.

“At first, I was reluctant to even begin a search for my birth mother, but after talking to you and learning you would speak to her first, it put me at ease. Once you made contact and we were able to talk on the phone, I was overwhelmed with emotion when I learned not only did you find my birth mother but that I also had a brother. I’ve reunited with both now and I can’t thank you enough.”

Lori M.

“I have trusted Worldwide Resources, Inc. with all of my investigations for years. Not only are they extremely skilled investigators but their integrity is beyond belief. You can trust them to be up front and candid. They won’t promise what they can’t deliver.”

Kathy D.

“I work for a large Fortune 500 company and Worldwide Resources, Inc. is the only investigative organization we use. Their international expertise is invaluable. Their contacts both domestically and worldwide have enabled us to track down the evidence we need to settle some of the most complex cases. They always find a way to get the information we need.”

Linda H.

“As a small business owner, I can’t afford to make mistakes and hire the wrong people. You have saved me a great deal of time and money with your pre-employment background checks. I have been able to confidently hire quality people who have proven to be reliable and conscientious. Thanks for making my job easier.”

Peter J.

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