This page contains a few ideas about IT options

Our system is designed so that you can maximize the amount of your work online. As long as you are not downloading anything you are complying with HIPAA. If, however, you need to download something, please download it to the provided memory stick. If you accidentally download something to a personal drive, please delete immediately.

PDFs: In an effort to make so you don’t need to download very often, we have created the “PDF Creator”. This page will let you extract specific pages, add images, and add a cover page. Hopefully this makes so you only rarely need to download a document to edit it with something like CutePDF.

Video: Sometimes you may need to record a short video call that is occurring between you and a source. We have found this process to work.

1) Download an install the free version of It allows you to take 10 minutes video.

2) After Bandicam is installed open it.

3) Press the record button.

4) Initiate the video call.

5) End the video call.

6) End the recording in Bandicam.

7) Upload the MP4 to our website.

We recommend you attempt this process with a friend or calling from your computer to your phone to make sure that everything records correctly. You may have to change your settings so that Bandicam records your screen, your voice, and the other person’s voice. With the correct settings, we have seen it work. We have recorded video cals via WhatsApp on a laptop.

Converting a webpage to PDF: