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Brazil is a beautiful country in South America. It has borders with every South American country except Chile and Ecuador. Brasilia is its capital but its two main cities are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is a medium income country. About 65% of Brazilians identify as Catholic with another 25% identifying as Christian. Brazilian’s medical system is fairly modern.

Death in Brazil

These are the typical steps that happen when someone dies in Brazil.

1) A doctor pronounces the individual as deceased. The doctor may produce a document that certifies the death and explains the circumstances. Even if the doctor does not produce some sort of certificate explaining the death, the doctor is likely to issue a bill so that he can be paid. Below is a snippet of an image of a medical bill from Brazil with identifying information redacted. We note that most doctors in Brazil, pursuant to privacy laws, will NOT provide you confirmation unless you follow the correct protocol. However, if you follow the protocol, they are generally compliant.

Brazilian Medical Bill
Brazilian Medical Bill

2) The deceased’s body is taken to a private or public morgue. Here a person’s body may be embalmed or cremated. Whether the body was taken to a public or private morgue, there is likely to be a government record of the event. As most cities require a tax to be to be paid for cremation or burial.

The crematorium may also provide its own certificate of cremation. Here is the top of an example from Brazil.

Here is the top of an example burial certificate from Brazil.

3) If the deceased has many surviving relatives and/or friends, there is likely to be a funeral. If the funeral is big enough, there will be notice of it in a paper or invitations / programs printed. Here is an example of a Brazilian invitation / program.

4) A death certificate is issued. Here is the top of an example death certificate from Brazil. You will note that it has a QR code (which we blotted out) to aid in verification. The lower information that was cut out of the image details the cause of death and other info.

5) If they are a citizen of another country, such as the United States, they will seek a letter from their home country’s embassy that certifies that the home country recognizes the death.

Worldwide Resources

At Worldwide Resources, we conduct thorough investigations into death cases that occur in Brazil. Worldwide Resources’ first case in Brazil was in 2005. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with life insurance companies to ensure accurate and reliable information regarding policyholders’ deaths.

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  • Extensive Experience: With over two decades of experience in the industry, we possess in-depth knowledge of Brazilian legal procedures and cultural practices.
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  • Timely Reports: We understand the importance of timely information. Our system provides a portal which shows our work as we progress. We provide due dates for updated information.

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